Rosalie’s 14 month update

14 month’s old. You are steaming ahead little girl. You have been walking for about 5 months now and have really got it down. We have bought you some reigns and you are loving the freedom it has given you. You love running around with no one holding your hand.

Weight: I have no idea!
Daily: I have been back at work two days a week for a while now but this week I will start three days a week. You are being looked after by Grandma for 8 hours on a Monday and by Nanny Tracy for 6 hours on a Wednesday and 4 hours on a Thursday.
Rosalie wakes up around 6 or 7 am. She wakes up happily and will play in her cot with her teddies turning her light show on so I don’t get her out of her cot until 7am. We then go downstairs and Rosalie will have a beaker of cows milk.
Between 8am and 9am Rosalie will have her breakfast. Theres is usually a bum change needed so I do that and get her dressed for the day. Usually at around 10.30am I will put Rosalie down for a nap. She normally sleeps for about an hour and a half, sometimes longer!
When Rosalie wakes we will have lunch, followed by our afternoon activity. In the afternoon I will put her down for another nap at around 3.30pm.
In the evening, we aim to have dinner at about 5.30pm/6pm. After dinner, I will get Rosalie ready for bed. Every night she has a bath, I clean her teeth and wash her face. We then have towel cuddles and I dress Rosalie in her pyjama’s. Rosalie will then have a Beaker of cows milk whilst Nick or I read her stories.


Playtime: Rosalie loves wearing her backpack reigns and charging about the place. She is a real climber and loves to climb everything! She climbs on to the sofa and walks around the cushions and she climbs onto the chair and hangs down the back. I tell her not to but it is a constant battle!
Rosalie is really loving her books at the moment. I think she prefers to play with you rather than on her own. She comes running up to you with a book. She likes to sit on your lap while you read it to her.
She has started to cuddle her soft toys more. She picks them up gives them a cuddle and says ‘Awwww’ . She has also just started to take and interest in dolls and baby’s which I am encouraging! She likes you to wrap them up in a blanket and then she carries them around saying ‘awww’.
Ralph (our dog) and Rosalie are still best pals. She chases him around more than he chases her these days.
Rosalie loves music and dances when she hears it. 


Bedtime: Rosalie has no problem going to bed these days and is usually asleep 5 minutes after her head hits the pillow. Sometimes she cries for a little before dropping offer but this doesn’t happen very often and doesn’t last long. she still has Ewan the sheep and her dream show to help send her off. We also give her a dummy at night time and naps.
Feeding: Rosalie eats the same meals as us. She uses her hands to feed herself. I am trying to get  her to use cutlery but the set we have is quite heavy and blunt so she gets frustrated with it. I have bought Rosalie some plastic ones from Ikea. They are much lighter so hopefully they will be better


Sizes: Rosalie is still wearing 9-12 month clothing mostly. She has 12 – 18 clothing and she does wear some of it but it is a little big. As its getting colder Rosalie is most;y wearing leggings with dresses or tops and cardigans.
She is still in size 5 nappies.


Teeth – Rosalie has 4 more teeth coming through. 2 teeth have broken through and 2 more are just waiting below her gums. She has suffered with them this time. I think because all four decided to come through together. She has 6 teeth now but 2 more or nearly there.
Talking – Rosalie has learnt to say a few new words and phrases this month. ‘Teddy’, ‘Baby’ ‘Uh-oh’ ‘Bye-bye’
Actions – Pointing is the thing of the month. She keeps pointing at things and making noises until you pass her what she wants.
Kisses – she gives kisses and cuddles which are lovely!
This month has brought with it Rosalie’s first bout of illness. She has coped with it very well but has had a pretty rough time. She has had a runny nose and cough as well as having to deal with 4 teeth coming through. She seems to be through the worst of it now and is back to eating with her normal gusto. Her little personality is really starting to come through now she can communicate with us more. I love working out what she is trying to say.

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