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I’ve never really been that into Lush. It’s a shop in town, I usually avoid, hurrying past, head down on account of the overpowering smell!

I believe in their ethos, recycled packaging and all natural products but I havn’t used many of their products. I was given a Christmas bath box as a secret santa present once many years ago. The subsequent bath left myself and the bathroom with a festive glitter glow that I still found traces of weeks later.
As a family we eat pretty well. We try and eat clean, healthy food that has been processed as little as possible. It doesn’t make sense to me to then rub a load of chemicals all over my body and into my hair. If you have ever read up on the ingredients list of shampoo you will know what I mean!
I’ve been meaning to pick up some bits from Lush for a while. I did my research and picked out a few of the best sellers to try. They did not dissappoint.
The Comforter, Bath Bar – To me this is what lush is all about, a big bath of swirly pink bubbles. It’s like a hug in a tub, the bergamot and blackcurrant scent reminds me of fruity marshmallows. Cosy and soft. It’s like bathing in a warm blackcurrant toddy. I really enjoyed using this. The bar is huge. Your supposed the put the whole bar in the bar as it is filling up and scoop it out before you get in. I preferred to break it up and sprinkle a little bit of the bar into each bath. It seemed to last forever. I think I had about 8 or 10 baths out of it and I know Mr Cantwell was rather partial to a bubblegum bath as well.
Big Salt, Shampoo – I LOVE this!! It is rather a strange experience, rubbing lumps of rock salt into your head but one I can no longer live without. I just scoop out a handful and rub it all over my head. It doesn’t lather as quickly as normal shampoo but if you keep massaging it in and add a little water it soon does. I kind of like that it takes more time, it means you can enjoy the scalp massage for a little longer. It contains salt and seaweed to really clean your hair, coconut oil to keep it soft and lemon and lime for added shine. It’s supposed to make your hair big and it does add a little volume to my hair but not overly so. Not enough for me to forgo a spritz of XL dry shampoo in the morning anyway.
Olive Branch, Shower Gel – This is also a different product. It is much oilier in consistency than your usual shower gel. More like a shower oil I would say. Nick didn’t like that about it. It isn’t a product you can use with a puff or sponge as the product slids off but applied straight onto the body it works fine. The scent is gorgeous. It reminds me of MAN, I can’t explain how. It’s clean, kind of musky but still fresh. It smells like I imagine James Bond would, if you know what I mean?!
Vine leaves, bergamot and mandarin combine to make this heavenly aroma. I took this away with us on holiday and now the scent will forever remind me of sunny days. It contains olive oil so you have to give it a good shake before use to mix it all in, it leaves your skin super soft.
Million Dollar Moisturiser – I reeeeally want to love this. It smell’s divine. So cosy and inviting, I love slathering this all over my face in the morning. But there is the problem, this just does not work for me under my everyday make up. I’m just too oily. If I use this in the morning my make up is sliding off by mid-afternoon and I’m shining like a light bulb. I have persevered with it for over a month, trying different foundations, powders, everything! The only way it does work for me is under a really heavy foundation. I’m talking double layers of mac studio fix liquid and a heavy dusting of loose powder. Night out make up.
It’s also pretty expensive for a tiny pot. It does last well, I’ll give it that. I have used it for nearly two months and I’ve hardly made a dent in it. It’s ingredients include shea butter, almond, oatmeal and sesame oil. It sounds like a cookie mix, and smells like it too! Lavender and evening primrose oil add extra skincare benefits too. This product is a joy to use I’m just sad it doesn’t work for me day to day.
I did use this on holiday with great success though. It has SPF 30 and  is labelled as a suncare. I used it in the day and my face didn’t get burnt at all. No red nose for me!
Have you tried any lush products? What are your favourites?
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