10th and 11th Month Update

Wow! 11 months old! When did that happen?! As if your nearly a year old baby girl. I’ve started planning your 1st birthday party and things are about to all change round here as mummy has to go back to work.

Weight: Rosalie was weighed when she was in hospital and weighed 22 lbs 2 oz.

Daily: Rosalie still goes to bed at 7pm every night and she normally gets up at 7am. I will then go in, get Rosalie and breastfeed her in our bed.

We then go downstairs to play. I give Rosalie her breakfast at 9am.  We did have quite a good nap routine but since Rosalie was in hospital its gone out of the window. If we are staying in all day she tends to fall asleep at around 11.30/12pm meaning lunch is pushed back later but if we are out and about Rosalie will normally sleep in the car or the pushchair. I give Rosalie her lunch at some time between 12 and 2pm. We usually have dinner at about 5.30pm/6pm. We try to all sit at the table together to eat.
Once Rosalie has had dinner I will get her ready for bed. I run Rosalie a bath, we have gone back to doing this every night. I clean her teeth and wash her face with a flannel and put her in her pyjamas. As it has been so hot lately Rosalie has just been wearing a vest to sleep in. I then breastfeed Rosalie. We have started to sleep train Rosalie so I then put her in her cot and try and settle her. Last night it only took 20 mins for her to fall asleep.

Playtime: Rosalie walks!! She walks across the living room unaided now, all on her own. She can do about 10/12 steps.

Rosalie still does play with her trolley of bricks a lot. She plays with the bricks more now rather than the trolley itself. I keep finding little bricks everywhere!
She also really loves her stacking cups which were from the 99p shop. They were so cheap but she loves stacking them, knocking them down, drinking tea out of them!
Ralph and Rosalie play together really nicely now. They are always chasing each other round and playing tug with each other’s toys.
Rosalie still loves it when we sing to her. If she hears music she will stand up and bounce up and down as if she is dancing. Her favourite seems to be reggae!


Bedtime: Rosalie has always been breast feed and so used to fall asleep in my arms after her nighttime feed. Lately with the hot weather and light evenings this hasn’t happened. It’s been taking me a long time to get her to sleep. So we decided to start to sleep train Rosalie. We reintroduced a bath at bedtime. I had dropped this as I didn’t want to over wash her sensitive skin. Before bed I clean her teeth, bath her, change her nappy and dress her in her night clothes. As it has been so hot Rosalis has been sleeping without a cover. I then breastfeed Rosalie. Once she has finished. I pick her up and take her to her cot. If she has inadvertently fallen asleep. I carry her through In a sitting position so she wakes up abit. I lay her down in her cot and turn on Ewan the dream sheep. I then stroke her face, tell her it’s bedtime and make lots of ‘shhhhhhhh’ noises. I will do this for a couple of minutes and then leave her even if she is still crying. I go in at different intervals, to shh and stroke. I do this until she falls asleep.

Feeding: Rosalie is fully weaned now. She eats everything we eat, she often has the same portion sizes as me!! Rosalie eats her food in her highchair at the table. She uses her finger most of the time and spoon when she has yogurt. If I load the spoon Rosalie takes it off me and feeds herself.

Rosalie now only has 2 breast feeds in a day. One first thing in the morning when she wakes up and one before bedtime.

Sizes: Rosalie is still wearing 9-12 month clothing. Most of her clothes fit her now. As it has been so hot lately Rosalie has been wearing mostly dresses without a vest.

She is now in size 5 nappies, currently sainsburys.


Walking – We have a walker!! She won’t be forced but if she wants to get somewhere and happens to be standing she’ll walk.
Teeth – Rosalie still only has two teeth. The bottom right tooth came up first closely followed by her bottom left tooth. It doesn’t stop her eating though so I’m not too worried.
Talking – Rosalie can say ‘Mama’, ‘Dada’ and ‘Nana’. She understands no but doesn’t always obey it. She stops what she is doing and turns to look at you when you say her name. She comes to you if you ask her to.
Kisses – Rosalie leans forward and will give you an actual kiss.
Rosalie’s is nearly a year old! This makes me so sad. She doesn’t seem big enough to be toddling along. She has learnt so much ove the last few months and is changing every day.
She is communicating with us so much more. Telling us what she does and doesn’t like. She is a very laid back so there isn’t much she isn’t happy with.
She is such cheery baby, always smiling. She always wakes up happy whether she has a 5 minute nap or 2 hours. Her teeth haven’t bothered her. Even when she was in hospital she was still smiling. Now she is walking she is always banging into things and falling over. She rarely cries and most of the time just carries on doing her thing.
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