Spring Living Room Update

With the arrival of our first bank holiday weekend, I was in the mood for a little home update. This lead me dangerously onto Pinterest. I could lose hours on there, and I do, regularly.
I decided I’d tackle the living room. I felt it was looking too wintry (I’m so over the stag cushion) and needed a refresh for spring. I started pinning images to my living room board and compiling a list of my current wants. There are some common themes; Copper, Monochrome, Marble, Furrrr.
Image courtesy of pinterest
THIS side table. It combines both copper and marble, what’s not to love? Unfortunately at $1895.00 it is a little out of my price range but if you’re crafty there is this ikea hack doing the rounds. I am tempted to give it a go…
Image courtesy of pinterest

I like this print a lot. I want it huge. Like A1 size. I think it looks really chic and modern. I could buy a lot of prints from meenyminy. I rather like this for my kitchen.

Image courtesy of pinterest

(Heart eyed emoji, heart eyed emoji, heart eyed emoji!)

I have died and gone to Copper lamp heaven. I really really want this. How good would it look in the corner of our lounge next to our chair. It’s £180 so I’ll have to save up for it and convince the husband it’s a necessity.

Image courtesy of pinterest
I’m feeling a lot of love for black and white at the moment. Especially these cushions. I think they’ll be a welcome addition as they’ll break up the brown of our sofa and give the decor a much needed lift
Image courtesy of pinterest

I don’t know why I’m drawn to hide. It must be the wannabe cow girl in me. This hide* from The French Bedroom Company is perfect. Animal print can sometimes look, well, you know, trashy… but not this. THIS is sophisticated. I thought I’d give it a go.



I havn’t made many changes just a few little tweaks here and there but I feel like it’s made a real difference to the room. I created a new print for the wall, added a fur coverlet to Ralph’s arm, switched up the cushions and of course, my new rug!
I love it again! It feels so much more spacious in the living room now. It also means Rosalie has a lot more floor space that she can roll herself around on in her walker. She also likes the feel of the hide and keeps stroking it. Ralph is not so sure. He keeps sniffing it and then walking away. I think he is worried he might end up as a rug one day!
What do you think of the rug? Would you have a hide in your home?

Items marked with ‘*’ have been received for review. Items will only be featured if we truly like the item and it is something we will use. Every thing else has been payed for with our hard earned pennies!

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