Rosalie’s 6 month Update

Rosalie turned 6 months old on Sunday. I can’t believe my baby is half a year old already!!

Weight: I took Rosalie to be weighed today. She is 26 weeks and 4 days old and she weighs 17lb 11oz. Last months estimation of 18lbs using the bathroom scales was wrong! :-s

Rosalie's 6 month Update - Roseyhome - Take a look at how Rosalie is developing - baby, monthly update, rosalie
Daily: We still put Rosalie to bed at around 7pm every night. We have had the odd night when she has woken up during the night but most of the time she is still pretty good.
In the morning, she is waking up at around 5am for her first feed of the day. I feed her and put her back down in her cot in her nursery. She will then go back to sleep till about 9am.
When Rosalie wakes at 9 I breast feed her again and then we go downstairs and have breakfast of porridge and fruit. I then clean her up, breakfast is a messy business! and get Rosie dressed for the day. We usually play some more and then I’ll feed her again at 11am and after put her down for her nap. She now naps! Yey!
After her nap we will have lunch. I normally put Rosalie in her Jumperoo while I get it together for us. Now Rosalie has turned 6 months I have started to give her a picnic lunch. I cut up different foods for her to try that she can pick up and feed herself. I usually give her a biscuit or some fruit puree as dessert too.
I will normally breast feed her at around 2pm and again at 4/5 in the afternoon, it will vary depending on what we are doing.
If we are staying in Rosalie will have some playtime on her mat, in her tigger door bouncer or in her Jumperoo while I do some tidying and start to make dinner. If Daddy is home he will play with her.

We usually have dinner at around 5/6pm. Rosalie sits in her highchair next to us and has her dinner whilst we have ours. We are now giving Rosalie whatever we are having for dinner.

Our after dinner routine is still the same. We give Rosalie a bath and then I will breastfeed Rosalie. This takes no time at all these days. I now put her in her sleeping bag before I start feeding her. Rosalie normally falls asleep on me, I then carry her into her nursery and put her down.
Rosalie's 6 month Update - Roseyhome - Take a look at how Rosalie is developing - baby, monthly update, rosalie

Playtime: Rosalie is all over the place this days! she rolls around and worms herself all over the place. If you leave her now she will not stay put where you put her down.

She still enjoys her play mat but she moves herself around on her front playing with the flaps and squeakers rather than the hanging toys.
She loves her jumperoo. She has really got the hang of it now and bounces really hard up and down. I think Nick is going to have to make it a little shorter so she can’t bounce with as much force!
Rosalie scoots around in her walker too. She can go backwards and forwards and can even turn herself around. Its quite disconcerting when I’m in the kitchen and then all of a sudden she’s banging into the backs of my ankles.
Rosalie’s favourite thing to do is to play with Nick and I, or Grandma and Nanny. She loves to jump up an down on you, to pull your hair, stick her fingers in your mouth…etc. She likes it when you sing her nursery rhymes and dance around with her.
Rosalie's 6 month Update - Roseyhome - Take a look at how Rosalie is developing - baby, monthly update, rosalie

Bedtime: Rosalie goes to bed at about 7pm each evening. We have dinner together then Rosalie has a bath. We then have a bit of nudey playtime on the floor while we dry her and put her cream on. I then put her in her sleepsuit and sleeping bag and I feed her until she falls asleep. I still feed her sat on our bed as I find this most comfortable. She normally falls asleep in my arms so I carefully carry her into her nursery and do the stealth drop trying not to wake her! She sometimes wakes in the early evening. I put her dummy back in and turn ewan the sheep back on, this normally is enough to send her back to sleep. Sometimes she won’t settle and I have to pick her up and rock her back to sleep.

About once a week we seem to have one night where Rosalie won’t settle at all. She’ll be up every hour. This is a killer as I’m not used to it. Most of the mums’s in my NCT group are experiencing the same thing. It could be teeth, or food, I just don’t know, but I think its normal and just something that 6 month olds do.
She is still sleeping in a 2.5 tog sleeping bag. I have recently sized up from a 6 – 12 sleeping bag to a 6 – 18 month one as the other one seemed quite snug. I no longer keep Rosalie’s arms tucked in so that if she rolls over she can roll herself back.

Rosalie's 6 month Update - Roseyhome - Take a look at how Rosalie is developing - baby, monthly update, rosalie

Feeding: I am weaning Rosalie but still breast feeding her as well. I have no plans to stop breast feeding and would like to feed her untill she no longer wants/needs any. Now Rosalie has turned 6 months old I am doing a mixture of spoon feeding and baby led weaning. She is now having breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is porridge and fruit which I feed Rosalie with a spoon. She does grab the spoon and direct it in to her own mouth. For Lunch Rosalie is having a picnic style meal with different finger foods for her to try. At dinner time Rosalie is having the same as we are having. She has it spoon fed from a bowl if it is runny for example chilli. Or if she can pick it up and feed it to herself I will set it out on her tray.

Rosalie has 6 breastfeeds a day alongside her real food with around 2 or 4 hours between each feed. She always feeds around the same time now, at 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4/5pm,and 7pm. The feeds are definitely a lot shorter than they were which makes me think she is not taking as much but she might just be getting more efficient.
Rosalie's 6 month Update - Roseyhome - Take a look at how Rosalie is developing - baby, monthly update, rosalie

Sizes: For the last month Rosalie has just been wearing her 3-6 month clothes as I wanted to get as much wear out of them as I could. I hate the change over, I find it so awkward. I never know which size to put her in. I put her in an age 6 – 9 month outfit yesterday and they fit her in the body and legs but the sleeves were too long. Today she is wearing 3 – 6 month clothes and they seem to still fit too.

I have both sizes in her drawers. Her 3-6 vests are beginning to get a little tight but the 6-9 vests are really baggy. She is still wearing 3 – 6 month sleep suits at the moment.
She is now in size 4+ nappies. Aldi are my favourite brand. 

Rosalie's 6 month Update - Roseyhome - Take a look at how Rosalie is developing - baby, monthly update, rosalie


Dribbling – Still dribbling so much, she is like a tap. No sign of any teethies yet though.
Drinking out of her Beaker – Rosalie has got this down to a tee now, She picks her beaker up, drinks and puts it back down.
Holding a spoon – Rosalie can take a loaded spoon and as long as she is holding it in the right place she can feed herself. She does make more mess though!
Grabbing and picking up things – She picks up her toys and plays with them. She can transfer things from one hand to the other. She can take her dummy out and put it back in again all by herself.Raspberries – Rosalie has learnt to blow raspberries! She does this a lot.

Sitting up – She can sit up well when supported. She can sit unsupported (when surrounded by cushions) for a short time.
Standing up – Rosalie stands up for what seems like ages now when you support her. She loves to jump and push off you when you hold her.
Rolling – Rosalie rolls from front to back and back to front.
Lunging/crawling – Rosalie lunges forward to get things she wants especially in the bath. She looks as though she is starting to crawl. She isn’t really but some how she is getting around on her tummy. I call it worming.
Rosalie is 6 months old! My goodness.She is such a good girl. She goes with the flow and takes it all in her stride. I can take her anywhere. She only ever cries if she has been left to her own devices for too long. She is such a happy little thing, always smiling and laughing. She is the light of my life.

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