Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration

I take Christmas present wrapping very seriously. I’m all about bows and tags.

I normally like to coordinate wrapping paper with my tree decorations so that I can put a few presents under the tree, you know, for effect. But also to cover the ugly fake tree legs. This year I won’t need to. I have my fancy new tree skirt to cover them.We changed the position of the tree this year and to be honest there isn’t much room under there in tree corner. So this year I think I’ll wrap them and leave them upstairs until the big day. I still want my wrapping to match though, it’s tradition!

So here is the wrapping paper I have purchased this year. I also had some left over from last year and I think I’ve bought too much again this year so I’ll have yet more to carry forward.
Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration - red, white, natural


The red and white polka dot wrapping paper is what I had left over from last year. It was from wilkinsons but I haven’t seen it in there this year. You can however find a similar slightly darker red and white splodge wrapping paper from Primark (as shown above). It was £1 for 10m which I think is really good value. The brown fairisle print wrapping paper next to it is also from Primark.
Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration - red, white, natural


The tags and ribbon above are all from wilkinsons. The box of tags and string was £2, the small tags were £1 a pack and the raffia ribbon set was £1 too.
Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration - red, white, natural


These are odds and ends that I have picked up from various places. The Merry Christmas Ribbon was from eBay and was a bit of an extravagance at £3.50. I bought it on a whim! You can find it The dark red and cream butchers twine also came from Ebay and was 99p. The smaller round of bright red and white butchers twine was actually wrapped around a pack of baubles I bought from Wilkinsons. Reuse and recycle people!
The plain brown luggage tags and the brown twine are things I already had around the house. The twine came in a pack of 4 from the 99p shop. The luggage tags were left over from when we made our own wedding invitations.
Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration - red, white, natural

The last item is this next gift wrap pack priced at £6.50. It comes with everything you need to wrap presents, tags, ribbon and paper. To be honest if I had bought this first I probably wouldn’t have bought the rest. But I saw it last and really I shouldn’t have bought it. I had plenty of wrapping paper already as you have seen above. Enough to wrap all my gifts twice over. But it matched my treeeee! I had already bought the grey, red and tartan tree decorations from next and so I really wanted the grey, red and tartan wrapping paper too and so here it is.

I probably have enough wrapping paper now to last me for the next 5 years!!
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