Breast feeding Style – Hats off to you…


I Love hats!
And I have amassed quite a collection that I NEVER wear. Its not that I don’t want to, I really do, and I often try. I’ll try one on, in my head it looks so cool, then I look in the mirror and I feel like a knob, a hat knob, so I take it off again.
Hat – H and M, Cardigan – Primark, Tee – New look,
Leggings – Urban Outfitters, Shoes- H and M

This is the latest addition to my hat collection. The Fedora is from H and M. I have promised myself I will actually wear this one, outside, in public.

To avoid looking completely over the top on my walk to baby clinic I teamed it with leggings and a t shirt and my new cardigan from primark in hope that I would look casually chic and not like a confused cowboy. I’m not convinced I pulled it off. Maybe I just have to get used to the hat head. You know, like when you get your hair chopped off for the first time, and cry for 3 days until you have mentally adjusted to your new look. I shall persevere.
Moving on to my amazing new longline cardigan from primark that cost me a tidy £14.00. I LOVE it. It’s so cosy, like wearing a dressing gown around town. It makes me feel all autumnal. I was rather hot in this the other day. I think when it gets a little cooler this will be something I’ll live in. It’s so easy to throw on over an outfit. I can see it becoming my go to winter cardigan.
My shoesies are new too. These pony haired pumps are also from h and m and were only £12.99.
Again, this is a baggy top and trouser combo of easy feeding. it means I can hide my little poppet under my tee and all is concealed. Or it would be if she wasn’t the noisiest feeder known to man :-s


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