Pushing Present

My wonderful husband bought me a present to say thank you for delivering him a beautiful baby daughter.

My thank you came in the shape of a rather lovely Olivia Burton Watch.


I’d been lusting after a new watch for quite a while. I normally rely on my phone to tell the time. This was fine when I was sat on at my desk most of the day and then on the sofa of an evening as my phone was always to hand but now I’m at home all day I’m constantly leaving it in various locations around the house and then not having it to hand when I need to know the time.


Well this will be a problem no more! I now have a snazzy new watch to tell the time.

I went for the midi style. The face is not too big or too small, it’s just right. The strap is dainty, it’s light so I don’t feel like I have a weight strapped to my arm. It’s pretty perfect!

I love how elegant it is, but yet still simple enough to be worn every day. This was just what I wanted.

Thank you husband.

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