Garden Update – August 2014

In the garden all my tomato plants have gone wild! Above is a picture of my cherry tomatoes in the hanging baskets. I have four in total. I haven’t had any tomatoes ripe enough to eat yet but there are lots of green tomatoes on the plants so its looking good.

Orange cherry tomato giant

The other cherry tomato monster in the pot has grown so much! I had to move the pot to somewhere where it would be supported as I was worried it would fall over it has got so big. These are orange cherry tomatoes on this plant and we have already had lots of ripe cherry tomatoes to eat from it.


Chilli Peppers

The Chilli pepper plants are looking good. One even has a few chillis on. The other plant has still got some flowers on so hopefully this plant will also produce chillis.


Salad bed

The sweetcorn has also had a massive growth spurt. You can see it above in the top right square. There are two lettuces in the square next to the sweetcorn. The third square used to house the Chinese salad leaves but we weren’t really eating these and most of them had bolted so I decided to dig them up. I’m unsure whether to plant anything in this square again this year. I’m 39 weeks pregnant so hopefully any day now I will have something else to keep me busy.

The 2nd row contains carrots on the left hand side square. We have already managed to pull a few of the bigger carrots and I had them with my dinner the other night. The next square contains lettuces and as you can see one of the lettuces is good to go but we have a salad bag in the fridge so Im waiting until that is eaten first before picking it. The far left square in the second row is empty as it used to be filled with the Chinese salad leaves.

There is a yellow pepper plant in the bottom left hand side square. This plant is not doing so well. There hasn’t been many flowers on it and i’m not sure if I will ever get any peppers on it 🙁 The square next to it has a red pepper plant in. There were two plants in here but one got eaten and so I pulled that up the other day. There is a green pepper growing on this plant so fingers crossed it turns red and we can eat it! The third, right hand square has my spring onions in. I grew these from seed and they haven’t done very well at all this year. One is particular big and needs pulling but the rest are looking rather sorry for themselves. I planted about 16 in this square and I think about 4 have sprouted.


Vegetable Bed

The Marrow plant in the top two left hand squares has not grown much at all so I doubt I will get any marrows from this plant. The mongetou in the right hand square next to the marrow have also not faired very well. They look dead and dried out so I keep watering them but now I think I may have over watered them. Maybe its just that its too hot for them now, anyhow they are definitely not growing and so we haven’t had any mongetou this year which is a shame as we enjoyed lots of them the first year I grew them.

The middle squares used to have the broccoli and cauliflower plants in but I pulled them out. The plants were not even fully grown and were already covered in white butterfly eggs and caterpillars. After last year’s white caterpillar plague I couldn’t go through it again. I’m not sure if we have a lot around here or if everyone suffers the same plight when growing broccoli and cauliflower but it is a battle I am not willing to take on. The butterflies will always win and I can’t be doing with killing all the bugs. It grosses me out.

By not having anything in the middle row it means my mammoth courgette plant can spread out over there. We have already had two courgettes from this plant. There are not anymore flowers on the plant so I’m not sure if that is it now. We will have to wait and see.

In the middle bottom square I have some more lettuces and in the right hand side bottom square I have some red onions. The red onions are looking good but you are not supposed the pick them until the plants start to die off so I am just waiting for that now.


Garlic, beetroot and leeks

In the three terracotta pots I have leeks, beetroot and garlic and these are all growing well.


Potato grow bags

The potatoes as I said in my last garden update have been abit of a fail this year. All the plants died so I just pulled them out. Andy said there might be some potatoes underneath still so need to have a feel around and see soon. I might do it this week.


More tomatos

My tomato plants in the grow bags have grown and are now sporting a few green tomatoes. The two plants on the left hand side are beef tomatoes so I can’t wait to see how big they will get.

Below are a few pics of the produce from the garden that we have enjoyed this week.



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