Breast feeding Style

Having finally got my body back after 9 months of incubating a little baby. I was eagerly anticipating being able to wear my normal clothes again.

It was my mum who gently reminded me that I would be breast feeding for quite some time and that lovely denim t shirt dress I was lusting after really wasn’t going to be suitable.
Now I’m not one to be getting my boobs out in public but nor am I one for wearing one of those ridiculous aprons. They scream ‘look at me I’m breastfeeding!’ I don’t want it to be obvious what I am doing.
I have adopted the secret feeding approach. I learnt from the best, my two friends, Abi and Louise. First thing is the outfit. You need separates and you need something loose on top.
Next thing is location. When feeding in public you need to choose your venue carefully. Comfy chairs are good but not a necessity. The main thing for me is that you choose a secluded spot, A booth or a table in the corner are ideal.
I then hold Rosalie and drape my jumper/t shirt over her. I look down my top to line her up and make sure she latches on properly and away we go! I carry on feeding her untill she comes off. Rosie doesn’t mind hanging out under my top and it means everything is concealed.
I thought I would start to show you some of the outfits that I wear when feeding and that enable me to pull off this stealth manoeuvre.
So here is today’s outfit.



The trousers are old and are from primark. I am also wearing a black vest top from primark. The cropped jumper is from urban outfitters. I bought this the other day in the sale. You can find it here.
I have already fed, publicly, twice in this jumper. It’s good because from a distance you can’t see through but when you are looking down you can see baby and check she is still feeding and milk isn’t trickling down your tummy! :-s
This is what I find works for me when feeding, it might not be for everyone. I will be posting more breast feeding appropriate outfits as we go along. Hopefully soon I’ll have some new garms to show you too.


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