Baby Shower

So two weeks ago after just managing to get the kitchen finished in time (the tiler left at 12pm the day before!) I was able to host my baby shower at home as I’d hoped.
Now when I say host, I mean that loosely!   All I did was ensure the venue was finished on time, and even then that had more to do with Nick than me but I am pretty sure my nagging helped!My lovely friends took care of the rest, from favours to decorations and food to entertainment. They did it all, and so I didn’t have to worry about a thing.


They took care of the decorations. There was bunting and balloons and sweetie trees. As well as the pretty impressive spread that you can see above.


My sister in law made the amazing cupcakes. This is her speciality and she did not disappoint! They tasted as good as they look.


Another friend made the favours. Little bags of popcorn in cardboard popcorn cartons. They even said ‘She’s ready to pop!’ and had my name on. How cool is that?! 

They also took it in turns to each plan a game. We had ‘breaking the waters’ organised by Lucy. We each had an ice cube with a little baby in the middle. The object of the game was to ‘break the water’ and get the little baby out as quickly as we could using only our hands!


Carly organised the ‘make a baby’ game. We were divided into teams and then each team had to make a baby out of play dough. It was then my job to judge and choose the winner.


We had some pretty random looking babies…



But this one was my favourite!


We then had a baby ‘Mr and Mrs’ quiz. They had already asked Nick a series of questions and then I had to guess what his response was. This was amusing to say the least!
We also played another game where we had to put a plate on top of our head and draw a baby on the plate without looking. The most realistic looking baby won. This was actually quite hard. The picture above shows us all inspecting our handiwork.
We also fitted in two rounds of tea in my vintage tea cups. The picture above shows my Nanny and I enjoying ours.
I then had the pleasure of opening up all my gifts. I was thoroughly spoilt by all of my guests. I cannot thank them enough. Baby Cantwell is a lucky girl!
It was then home time, after a fabulous afternoon with all my favourite people, we began to say good bye and I waved everyone off.
I had the best time! Big thank you to Abi, Carly, Cynthia, Louise, Lucy, Narelle and Tanya for organising it all. I know you had been planning it for weeks. Thank you for all your hard work. It ran perfectly! You really are the best baby shower throwers. Tanya and Carly you have it all to look forward too 🙂
You really took care of everything and it was all I could have wished for. THANK YOU, I love you lots.
Photographs courtesy of Carly… I told you they took care of everything! 😉
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