Pregnancy update – 30 weeks


How far along? 30 weeks and 4 days Pregnant

Maternity clothes: Some but not all. Maternity legging
are awesome and a god send! Mainly leggings and tops and dresses when its warm


Stretch marks: No stretch marks yet.


Sleep: Not so good. I can only really sleep on my side
now. It’s been quite hot lately but I have to be under the covers so I am
currently lying with the duvet scrunched up between my legs and half my body


Best moment this week: The tiler is coming to do the
tiling in the kitchen/diner, hall and cloakroom. I am feeling quite panicked at
the moment that our house is in such a state and the baby will be here in 10


Miss anything? Comfort.


Movement: Lots of movement still. I think she is moving.
She has always been sitting quite low but now I can feel her at the top right
under my ribs. It feels horrible! Not really a pain just like a pressure. Like
something is pushing on your lungs.
Anything making you queasy or sick? No, just feel quite
tired and headachy by the afternoon.


Gender: Girl.


Labour signs: Nope. Thank goodness.


Symptoms: Feeling really tired this week. I’m fed up with
the house being such a mess and I have a headache 🙁


Belly button in or out? Out.
Wedding rings on or off? On.


Happy or moody most of the time: Tired.
Looking forward to: The tiling getting finished,
hopefully next week.


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