Tough Mudder

This weekend we had a break from painting as Nick was
competing in Tough Mudder. I had signed up to do this too but due to being
pregnant I had to drop out so Nick’s brother, Jamie, gallantly took my place.

Jamie and Nick, Pre race!
They were running Tough Mudder in memory of my brother Joe,
who ran it last year.  It had been
organised by Joe’s friends. They really have been brilliant in organising it
all and getting everyone together. Months and months of preparation and
training lead up to this weekend. The race took place in Henley, one of the
hilliest areas in South Oxfordshire! We had had lots of rain in the lead up to
the event so I don’t think it could have been any muddier, Nick had said the
mud was so thick it was like running with bricks on your feet!
It was bad enough walking round the course as a spectator. I
had wellies on but it was still difficult to walk in the mud. Even those
walking the spectator route managed to clock up over 3 miles. For someone that
does very little exercise and is 5 months pregnant by the end of the day I was pooped!
All the runners for Team Joey
Not as tired as the boys and girls that ran it though! They
all looked shattered by the end. They did so well, every single one of them! I
have some nice before shots but none after when they were all muddy. Mainly
because I was also cold, wet, tired and hungry by this point and I didn’t care for
it that much.


On Sunday poor old nick had to work, he could hardly walk! So
I made a start on sorting out the kitchen in preparation for the wall between
our kitchen and dining room coming down this weekend. I have now packaged up
all non-essential kitchen items so that we can put them all out of the way in
the loft. I have made a little make shift larder in the living room to store
all our food bits. Our kitchen right now is a big mess and I hope to finish it
off this evening before watching GOT.
Current Kitchen Nighmare

When Nick finished work, we went to our friend’s house where we were treated to a fabulously cooked roast dinner. It was amazing! and just what we needed after such a tiring weekend. Naomi also suprised me with some lovely flowers for Baby Cantwell. I am very grateful to have such caring friends 🙂 Thoroughly exhausted but well fed, We were back home and in bed by 8.30pm.

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