Scan: 20 week

Well what a trauma that was.
Our appointment on Tuesday was at 11.30am, we couldn’t find
a parking space for the first 15 minutes. We eventually found one and hurried
up to the ultrasound waiting room. We  managed
to get there just before 11.30am. We needn’t have worried. There was no rush.
We then had to wait 1 hour and a half until we were called through to the
scanning room.

Once in, I jumped up on the bed only to be told baby was not
in a very good position. She had its back to the sonographer facing in. They
made me dance about, shake my booty like beyonce, TWERK! Back on the couch I
went but still baby hadn’t moved. We tried for 20 minutes but to no avail. I
had to try and have a pee. I wiped off all the gel and off I trundled to the
toilet. I skipped back hoping to jiggle that baby into a better position. Back
on the couch, more gel! But still baby was not in the right position. We tried
more dancing, I think I was lubed up about 4 times in total! but in the end the
sonographer admitted defeat. Baby was not going to move today so I had to be
booked in again for next week.

We had already paid to have some scan pictures but as baby
was facing in there was no chance to get a good picture. Baby Cantwell is
camera shy already, can’t think who she takes after! We left empty handed and

On a positive note, the sonographer said that on the tests
she could do everything seemed fine. She just couldn’t get a good view of the
heart which is why she asked us to come back.

I’m not sure if you noticed me referring to a ‘she’ earlier.
We asked if they could tell if we were having a girl or a boy. The sonographer
said that the picture was not very clear but that if she had to call it she
would say it was a girl. This confirmed what we had been told at our seventeen
week scan so we are fairly sure we are having a little girl. I think we will
wait until next week so we can ask them to check again before we start buying
things, this doesn’t stop me planning though!

I’ve included a picture of our little madam that we were
given at our 17 week scan. It is of her feet because that was all she was
inclined to show us on Tuesday!

Baby Cantwell’s feet at 17 weeks
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