House renovation – Hall – Part 1

Nick’s dad came round on Easter Monday to plaster the hall
and landing ceilings. By the Tuesday it had dried out enough so that Nick could
paint. The paint we are using is dulux white cotton for the walls (suprise!) and dulux brilliant white for the ceilings. He has done a first coat on the walls and ceilings and its amazing the
difference it has made. The whole house seems lighter and more open.

Walls with one coat of paint
That’s as far as we have got as nick was doing lots of
overtime last week to help pay for all this work! I have just realised by
typing this out how much Nick is doing! I really don’t show him how grateful I
am for all the hard work he is putting in. He literally doesn’t stop, he is
either, working or training or decorating or sleeping… and there really isn’t
that much sleeping going on!

Ceiling with one coat of paint

I forgot to take before photos of the hall before we
plastered but here are a few pictures of it after the plastering had been done
with one coat of paint on. You can see on the last photo what the hall looked
like before as nick didn’t quite managed to get the first coat on that wall

Wall before paint

I have also painted all the spindles on the stair bannister.
I did this is Annie Sloan Chalk paint. This paint is the bomb! It covers so
well and will mean I will only have to paint this twice. The spindles are such
a hideous, fiddly job only having to do it twice is a necessity.

White Spindles
My plans for the hall are quite minimal. I love how much
bigger it looks with bare walls and I want to try and keep it as clutter free
as possible. I plan to put a photo gallery up the stairs with a variety of
different (all white!) frames. I am also on the lookout for a console table to
go against the wall, to put the phone and keys, etc, but that really is about
it for the hallway.

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