House renovation – Bedroom and Ensuite – Part 2

This is just an update of where we are now. Mainly to show myself how far we have actually come. Still no grand reveal but we are making progress.

Nick and I spent our bank holiday weekend… painting! 4 days of painting, it was hellish but we have done so much. It really is inspiring to see how far we have come.

The tiler started last weekend and then came back on Wednesday and Thursday to finish off the ensuite. He has done such a good job, the tiles look brilliant, it’s so exciting seeing the tiles go up as it makes such a difference to the room. We are now just waiting on Waz the plumber to come and install our bathroom suite. Hopefully he will be able to start a night this week.

This is where our bath will go
Sink and Loo
The walls in the bedroom and walk in wardrobe are all painted in Dulux Cotton White and all the woodwork has been painted white. All door frames and skirting were a horrible orangey wood colour before, It’s amazing what a difference lovely clean white woodwork makes. I also managed to finish painting the doors to the bedroom, wardrobe room and ensuite over the weekend. Suprise, suprise these are now white too! 🙂

Walk in Wardrobe and painted doors
My mum is a wallpapering master. She was going to sacrifice her day off last week to come and wallpaper a feature wall in our bedroom.  But then I realised she can’t wallpaper untill the skirtings are up and we cant do the skirting until the floors are down so we had to put that on hold. It’s the biggest wall in the room, sorry mum! but my thinking is that by wallpapering that wall it will tie the bedroom in with the walk in wardrobe and make it look more like one room.

Bedroom and Floor

(Wall to the left will be wallpapered, thats why it looks all patchy!)

I have ordered new bed linen and towels from soak and sleep, like the white company but way cheaper! Half the order arrived yesterday as the other half was not in stock. We just need to order throws, cushions and curtains. I have a few in mind and I think we will order those from Dunelm Mill. I just want to see what it all looks like together before we order the finishing touches.

The bedroom is nearly finished. We did attempt to lay the floor over the weekend but we weren’t sure how to, and didnt want to mess it up! So our very kind carpenter friend is going to help us lay the laminate floor in the bedroom and walk in wardrobe and fit all our skirting boards. He will be making a start on Friday. Once the floor is down we will then just have the mammoth task of building our mountain of Ikea flat pack furniture, wish us luck!
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