Bedroom Plan

I had so much fun putting together a plan for the baby’s nursery I thought I would do the same for our bedroom which should be finished by the end of next week. Most of this stuff we have bought already but some of the items are still on the wish list. Mostly the cushions and throws as Nick doesn’t think they are necessary!

Dressing table and storage
This dressing table was the only thing I was adamant I wanted in this room. On many trips to Ikea I have gazed at it longingly. We bought this some time ago and it has been waiting patiently in the garage ready to be built. It doesn’t have THAT much storage compared to my current dressing table which could have been a bit of a problem, so I bought the Ikea Alex storage drawers as well to house all my hair and beauty essentials.

Chest of drawers

This chest of drawers is also in the Ikea Hemnes range the same as the dressing table. These chest of drawers will be the only clothes storage that we will have in our bedroom. It will house underwear and pyjamas and such like. We hope to fit everything else into the walk in wardrobe.


The Bed was from Ebay we bought it because it was similar to the Ikea bed in the Hemnes range. We couldn’t buy the Ikea bed as they are different sizes to standard UK beds. Our mattress is a standard UK Kingsize mattress, and we didn’t want to get a new mattress as ours is fairly new.
Bed linen

White. Standard. I bought this from soak and sleep. It’s like the white company only way cheaper. If you like the white company I would advise you to take a look. I could buy it all.

Fluffy cushion

This fluffy cushion is from Store 21. A cheapy shop in the town where I live. I think this cushion was £7.99. I think it will look nice on the bed with all the other cushions and throws.

Wool Cushion

This cushion is in grey cable knit and is from Dunelm mill. It is priced at £14.99 which when you compare it to the Store 21 cushion is quite expensive. I might see if I can find one cheaper elsewhere.

Knitted Throw

This throw is from Dunlem Mill as well. It is currently 23.99 in the sale. I will definitely try and get this soon before the price changes!

Wood Floor

We bought this laminate floor online from floormaker. We had a large area to cover so we wanted to find something that was reasonably priced if I remember correctly this was around £8 per meter.
Paint Colour

The paint colour we have chosen is White Cotton by Dulux. This is the same colour that is currently being painted on the hall walls and will be in the nursery too. I may change this at a later date but at the moment I am happy with off white everywhere!

This wallpaper was purchased online from I love wallpaper. It was priced at £8.99 a roll and we bought 3 rolls for our feature wall.


These curtains are from Dunelm Mill. They are showing as a sort of taupe colour in the picture but these are actually grey. I chose these because they were reasonably priced but I haven’t actually seen them in the flesh so they could be hideous. They do look a little bit shiny in the picture and if they are too shiny they just won’t do. There is also a cushion to match these curtains that if I buy the curtains I will buy that too.


The ‘Love story’ print I made myself after being inspired by something similar that I saw on pinterest. I simply made this on word, printed it out and framed it. I am really happy with how it looks and it didn’t cost a thing as I had the frame already!

The canvas of our wedding will hang above our bed. We ordered this a while back but have been holding off hanging it until the room is done. I can’t wait to see it up.

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