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The last few weeks have been ridiculously busy. I have never had such a jam packed month in my whole life. Of course Nick would blame this on my poor organisational skills. Although I do not agree with that sentiment, my organisation skills are great! I only have myself to blame, I just can’t say no.

First was a friend’s wedding. Next was our trip to Ireland for St Patricks Day. I went with Nick and my brother so basically it was a drinking fest. It was a funny weekend. We drank and sang to Irish songs, ALOT! I laughed a hell of a lot courtesy of my two (scrap that! THREE) favourite boys. I did manage to sneak in a morning of shopping and a blow dry courtesy of my bestie (He lives out there and it was him we were there to visit) so all was not lost.

I wont bore you with all our holiday snaps, a few were very silly, but here are a selection of my favourite snaps.

Shirt – Urban outfitters

All of my St Patrick’s Day outfit came from Carrols in Dublin, Even my amazing Guiness boots!! Leggings – American Apparel

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    Mandy B
    27th March 2013 at 8:02 PM

    Great pics. You look adorable!

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