Style – Ramone Fever

I wore this to work a couple of weeks ago when the sun was shining. The sun is not shining now. I am sat at my desk with my Uggs on, in JULY!!!! God dammit!! Thank goodness I am going on holiday at the weekend so I can get some sun (Sorry to gloat!), Without it i am at risk of becoming Vitamin D deficient!

And so back to the outfit. Ramones T shirts have been round for a while and I always thought they looked cool but I never actually got round to buying one. I’d been eyeing up this top for weeks in Primark. I only decided to take the plunge and buy it after seeing LLYMLRS wearing it over her bikini. It looked sooooo good!

Be warned if you wear this top random aged rockers will come up to you and start talking about when they saw the Ramones live. (I must confess I have no idea who the ramones are!!!!)

Top – Primark, Leggings – American Apparel, Shoes – Primark

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