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Good Afternoon!

Is everyone feeling the effects of Euro 2012? I’m loving it! I spent another evening in last night whilst the boy was at the pub with the tv control all to myself. Yey!

I watched the rebound, which if anyone hasn’t seen they really should! It’s got Catherine zeta jones in it, and I love abit of CZJ!! It really made me laugh out loud in some bits, definitely worth a watch!

Today I’m wearing a nice cool outfit as the weather forecast says it should be another sunny day. Someone at work just said my trousers look like they are from Thailand, not really sure how to take this :-s Anyhow I assure you they are not from thailand, they are from primark!

Trousers – Primark, Top – Asos, Rings – Llymlrs and too old I can’t remember, Shoes – Urban Outfitters

P.s I also stole his denim jacket to wear over the top, I couldn’t find it at first, he’d hidden it away up stairs to act as a deterrent I presume. I found it tho, nothing gets past me! 😉

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