It's been a while…

I have returned! It’s been a long time.

I’ve had major not posting guilt. Instead of this urging me to post more, it made it more difficult. I kept thinking I needed to do something really interesting to make up for it. Time went by, I did cool stuff. I went to Leeds with the girls, London with the boyf, there have been days and meals out along the way (pictures were taken) but still no posts! 🙁 I just couldnt find the time. I do feel bad.

The longer I didn’t post, the harder it got to start typing again.

Then on Thursday I read lily’s post on llymlrs. I was inspired again! She made me remember why i started to blog in the first place. I’m writing for me. I shouldn’t feel guilty if I don’t manage to fit a post in one week or maybe not even till the week after. I want to enjoy blogging, I don’t want it to be a chore. If in three years time I’m as lucky as lily and still typing this online diary then so much the better.

And sooo down to business. Today’s outfit is Denim look leggings, Cream jumper, Oxblood Chelsea boots. A casual outfit for a day of lazy lunches and visiting family.

This post was created on the blogger app so I hope the finished article looks ok. Blogger if your listening create a preview button please!

Here’s to less guilt and more regular posts! Hip hip hooray!

Boots – Asos, Leggings – gift, Vest top (underneath jumper) Select, Jumper – H and m, Cross necklace – Ebay

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