Flaming Red

As you can see I’m not exactly fair (in the blonde sense of the word, of course!) nor have I ever been.
The red came about not entirely by my own choice. When you have a best friend who is a hair colourist sometimes these things get thrust upon you. For years I have ignored his pleas to allow him to die by virginal hair and then one day he needed a model for a hair show last minute. In the emergency I caved. I went in like this:
He said I’d be having my usual long, layered hair cut with a slight red tone, and I came out like this:
It was a bit of a shock!
But I’m not sure if I would have ever been brave enough to go for such a drastic change if I had not been pushed in to it and there is a lot to be said about being a red head. People full on stare at you. This took a while to get used to I must say. I would forget about my hair and wonder why people were ogling at me. Strangers come up to you in the street to compliment you on your hair. I’d never experienced such attention as a brunette! It does of course have its down sides. The ROOTS, Oh! How they are the bain of my life. I HATE them!! I have my hair dyed religiously every 6 weeks. I hate to think what the damage it is doing to my previously undyed locks. Simon (a for mentioned best friend) assures me he only dyes the roots every time and so there is no further damage as he is dying only the regrowth. I myself am not convinced. Surely it must be bad for my hair?!? He says I talk like a hair colour virgin. I top up my hair in between colours with Crazy Colour. This really makes it stand out and gives a gorgeous ruby tone to my hair. I love it!
However it does leave your bathroom looking like a scene from a horror film when you have finished rinsing it off. My top tip for getting rid of the blood red stains is to spray everything with dettol mould and mildew leave for 5 minutes and then rinse away. It really is magic!
So as you can see there are ups and downs to having red hair, but I am very happy with my fiery mane, For now…..
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